An I Dont Give a Damn Mood

 Earlier today I was trying to do something with my damn hair and with it being kinky and curly it was very frustrating. The very reason I went natural was because I thought it was a beautiful thing to wear my hair and because it would be healthier and easier to manage, so I thought. My hair has its days where it’s really pretty and days where im like i need a damn perm because it wont act right. Sigh! I am the type of person who does not like to comb, brush, or style my hair or anyone elses. That’s another reason I went natural. I hate buying hair care products because I think it kind of waste to buy something that more than likely wont even work. MONEY WASTED! All I care about it the health of my hair, not the length. My hair has frustrated me today to where I just don’t give a damn how it looks  or whatever. Right now its a FRIZZY MESS!  I got mad at it and instead of pulling it out I threw away stuff that I just don’t give a damn about anymore. For me that was a good thing. I need to declutter. 🙂


Art Journaling/Scrapbooking

When I was in high school year ago, I remember taking a photography class that I looved. In that class when we were not taking pics we would have to do a scrapbook assignment. In a way it was like elementary with the cutting and glueing things into a blank book thing, but it was very therapeutic because I would focus on it and block out everything else. When that semester was over I was still finding myself scrapbooking, having a mess all over my room. I have found ways to make it more artistic and to fill with my nonsense and memories. As years went by I lost touch with it and now I want to get back into that habit of scrapbooks. Only this time I want to get more creative and find my inner artist. I found a variety of art journalism equipment by Tim Holtz. I like the theme he has, which is kinda like, vintage industrial, rock & roll. So colorful.