Owning my own place

I am in that mood again where I just want my own place and I want to be somewhere quiet. About a year and a half ago I had my own apartment because I was going to school but had to leave because rent went up. That was the best time of my life because I was able to have my piece and quiet, ate healthy meals, had my own independence. Now, I am back at home with my family, not saying its a bad thing to be with family, its just you dont have any privacy, I cant buy thing to put in the house because there is nowhere to put anything…its just overcowded. I lost track eating healthy foods because I got depressed being back home. I cant buy food because of the big apetites in the house and things get eaten and messed over alot. I dont have much money to buy for everyone anyway so I buy what I like and what I can afford. I just want to be independent, I grew up with people, particularly my parents doing things for me and I want to grow up. I know there are people out there who’s like, “I wish I had someone to do things for me”, or “Why do you want ot have responsibility or be independent”?