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Trouble With My Kinky Hair

I have been natural since 2008 and have recently big chopped in March 2011. I am still having trouble finding what right for my hair. I have looked at so many you tube videos and blogs that now I am just really tired of looking at them. I have learned that all natural hair is different. Example, my hair breaks when I do twist outs or twists. But what i do know is that my hair is better when it’s in an afro, well… that was kind of the point of me going natural is to wear an afro. I love my texture, but I just don’t know what products to use that will not make my hair a white mess and leave residue on it. I have finally found a really good natural conditioner  by Aubrey Organics: Island Naturals Replenishing Condish. I am trying to fit it into my budget.  I am not into spending a lot of money on hair products that will cause harm to my hair or buying something that costs an arm and two legs, and the results are terrible. I am trying to make my own products with natural ingredients instead of  buying all ready-made.  I have to find what works for me.