Volunteer Opportunity YAaaa!

OMG! I am so excited about volunteering at a good animal Hospital, and I put it in bold because it really is a hospital instead of your typical private practice. I was sitting around and thought I would give some vet clinics a call to get some volunteer hours in or to just have something to do with my time. So.. I call around and I saw the Animal Emergency and referral Hospital and thought I would give it a try as well. Well, before I called them all the answers I got was “no, we don’t accept volunteers” or “no, sorry”. I saw this number and thought they would give me the same answer and when the lady answered the phone I could tell in her voice I was going to get lucky. I told her I called to volunteer and she asked me a series of questions and I told her I had previously worked at a veterinary clinic and I really believe that’s what gave me the ok to volunteer. She told me she would get back to me the next day, and of course with all the other earlier disappointments of not getting a call back I did not give up my hopes. The next day I got a call back from her and I was really surprised. I immediately called her back. She told me the day to come in so she could give me a tour of the place. I was so excited!, even though I did not get to volunteer that day, I was even more excited when I walked in. The place was like a human hospital. She explained to me the basic of being a volunteer there and she had me set up a schedule like I was getting paid to do this. Getting paid or not, I did not mind. The people and the atmosphere was so welcoming. She told me that because of my experience i would get a chance to do more than the normal volunteer that comes in. I felt really special and needed when she told me they are careful who they let come in and volunteer due to people taking pics and posting on web and other crazy things that will hurt their business. I know this might not happen right off but I really hope I get a job from this and I really believe that it will happen because I am a really hard worker when I am doing something I enjoy. Even if im not interested in certain things I still work hard and get the job done. I start my volunteer work Tuesday.  I am no writer.