A “Burned Out” Marriage

I recently talked to a dear friend of mine whom I went to high school with and she is going through a “burned-out” marriage. I was told by her that her husband of 3 years came home and told her that the landlord told him they had to leave their apartment ASAP because of back rent. While telling her this he was about to leave to go to Biloxi,MS (which I think he planned) to play with his band. He left her there by herself to pack up her things and his too. Now, from the way she was talking she was in complete shock (and I understand why) that her husband went to Biloxi without helping her pack up. She phones her mom and was told to leave his things and bring hers home. So she did.

Well, it has now been a couple of days and she has not heard from her husband, no call, text, nothing. The only way they were able to talk was if she called him. When she did, he told her that they should separate. Not only that he told her it would be ok if she cheated on him and that he would forgive her….hmmmm. Seems to me the little shit is cheating too. He told her that their separation took the stress from him and he can not do the things that he wants to do. CJ (my friend) took it as though he was tired of being around her and it was her fault the reason he could not do the things that he wanted to do.

I did not really know what to tell her to do, other than get a divorce from his coward ass, but I do know the signs of cheating. I had to tell her the truth about what I thought and I knew she would not want to hear it, but what kind of friend would I be if I told her to give it a try. What i do know about a marriage is that it takes two to make it work. And with SS (the husband) being “burned out” of their marriage, he have to want to make it work as well. Earlier in the marriage she was telling me how she wants to go back to her college dating ways (was not a good outcome). They are on a second life website called IMVU and CJ meets these random guys telling her things that her husband should be saying to her. She uses these guys for comfort, something that she does not get from her husband.

I wish I could give her the advice that she needs.


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