Protecting Your Skin from the Sun: Unrefined Shea Butter

This has been a very, very hot summer for me. This summer I have done lots of traveling and the sun has turned my face and arms really dark and although my skin will change back to its normal color, I am still worried about under my skin and the damage that the sun’s UV rays has created very year.  Lately, I have changed my skin care regimen from chemical lotions to pure unrefined shea butter! I love this stuff. now, not all so-called shea butters are the same. When doing my research I found that white shea butter is known as refined, which means vital nutrients and vitamins are removed. This leaves the shea butter “odorless, and white” according to Refined vs Unrefined Shea butter and Unrefined/raw shea butter has all its nutrients for moisturizer and healing properties. I use unrefined shea butter for my skin and hair for protection during the summer and winter. It’s a really good conditioner after a shampoo.

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