My first Heartbreak!

I am at this very moment experiencing heartbreak…or atleast I guess its heartbreak. I havent been with this guy going on 2 1/2 years now and all of a sudden my feelings that I had for him in the very beginning is coming back. He recently, just a couple of days ago told me he was dating someone else. Thats when those unexpected feelings came back. When we ended the 5 year relationship, we still talked about one or twice a month. There were some days where i needed to hear his voice. Its not that I wanted him back because I ended the relationship for a reason, but I miss that companionship. Anyway, when he told me he was with someone else I wanted to hide somewhere and just cry, but I held it in and eventually broke down. I dont know why. Maybe its that he has someone and i dont, its because I now cant talk to him and call him out of the blue like I use to. I feel shut off from him. I used calling him every once in awhile to slowly get over him and eventually stop calling him all together. Am I still in love with him? But im not attracted to him. I dont want him back though. I just miss having a companion. I feel as though I cannot get rid of him. All memories are resurfacing when I go places. im afraid to run into him. I feel like Im going to be single for the rest of my life. I dont like to be heartbroken.

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