Art Journaling!

 I am starting to get back into art journaling. I was first introduced to this hobby when I was in high school by my photography teacher. She made us do some scrapbooking, at first I thought it was something to add to my junk list, but as I started working on it, it made me relaxed and took my mind off of the daily BS that I think about. I had to put it away for a while. Now, I am back, and this time I am using it as a journal because I found that just writing was not helping me. Although it can get quite pricy, I had to get more creative, and thought why not do an art journal. I watched tons of YouTube videos about art journaling and found a particular youtuber, Teesha Moore, who gave me lots of inspiration and helpful tips.I found a lot who give me inspiration to keep art journaling, but Teesha is the best. I hope one day to do a photography journal or travel journal. Trying to save money.     I am no writer!

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