Protecting Your Skin from the Sun: Unrefined Shea Butter

This has been a very, very hot summer for me. This summer I have done lots of traveling and the sun has turned my face and arms really dark and although my skin will change back to its normal color, I am still worried about under my skin and the damage that the sun’s UV rays has created very year.  Lately, I have changed my skin care regimen from chemical lotions to pure unrefined shea butter! I love this stuff. now, not all so-called shea butters are the same. When doing my research I found that white shea butter is known as refined, which means vital nutrients and vitamins are removed. This leaves the shea butter “odorless, and white” according to Refined vs Unrefined Shea butter and Unrefined/raw shea butter has all its nutrients for moisturizer and healing properties. I use unrefined shea butter for my skin and hair for protection during the summer and winter. It’s a really good conditioner after a shampoo.


My first Heartbreak!

I am at this very moment experiencing heartbreak…or atleast I guess its heartbreak. I havent been with this guy going on 2 1/2 years now and all of a sudden my feelings that I had for him in the very beginning is coming back. He recently, just a couple of days ago told me he was dating someone else. Thats when those unexpected feelings came back. When we ended the 5 year relationship, we still talked about one or twice a month. There were some days where i needed to hear his voice. Its not that I wanted him back because I ended the relationship for a reason, but I miss that companionship. Anyway, when he told me he was with someone else I wanted to hide somewhere and just cry, but I held it in and eventually broke down. I dont know why. Maybe its that he has someone and i dont, its because I now cant talk to him and call him out of the blue like I use to. I feel shut off from him. I used calling him every once in awhile to slowly get over him and eventually stop calling him all together. Am I still in love with him? But im not attracted to him. I dont want him back though. I just miss having a companion. I feel as though I cannot get rid of him. All memories are resurfacing when I go places. im afraid to run into him. I feel like Im going to be single for the rest of my life. I dont like to be heartbroken.

42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself.


How would your life be different if you had grown up without any siblings?

If had grown up without any siblings I would be spoiled as Hell. I don’t think I would have like to have grown up without any siblings because the feeling of being alone and having no one to talk to or be there for me would not be fun. My childhood life would have not been different but my life now would be, because my oldest sister, middle sister, and brother are there when I have boyfriend problems. I would not have had a sister to explain to me what do when I blossomed into womanhood or the red devil or riding the cotton pony… you get the picture. Being that I have siblings I could not imagine not growing up with them. Sometimes I wish i had a sibling my age, my sibs now are 10-15 years older than me, 23.

Art Journaling!

 I am starting to get back into art journaling. I was first introduced to this hobby when I was in high school by my photography teacher. She made us do some scrapbooking, at first I thought it was something to add to my junk list, but as I started working on it, it made me relaxed and took my mind off of the daily BS that I think about. I had to put it away for a while. Now, I am back, and this time I am using it as a journal because I found that just writing was not helping me. Although it can get quite pricy, I had to get more creative, and thought why not do an art journal. I watched tons of YouTube videos about art journaling and found a particular youtuber, Teesha Moore, who gave me lots of inspiration and helpful tips.I found a lot who give me inspiration to keep art journaling, but Teesha is the best. I hope one day to do a photography journal or travel journal. Trying to save money.     I am no writer!

An I Dont Give a Damn Mood

 Earlier today I was trying to do something with my damn hair and with it being kinky and curly it was very frustrating. The very reason I went natural was because I thought it was a beautiful thing to wear my hair and because it would be healthier and easier to manage, so I thought. My hair has its days where it’s really pretty and days where im like i need a damn perm because it wont act right. Sigh! I am the type of person who does not like to comb, brush, or style my hair or anyone elses. That’s another reason I went natural. I hate buying hair care products because I think it kind of waste to buy something that more than likely wont even work. MONEY WASTED! All I care about it the health of my hair, not the length. My hair has frustrated me today to where I just don’t give a damn how it looks  or whatever. Right now its a FRIZZY MESS!  I got mad at it and instead of pulling it out I threw away stuff that I just don’t give a damn about anymore. For me that was a good thing. I need to declutter. 🙂