Best Thing I Ever Done

Yesterday was my first time volunteering at a vet clinic and I did not find anything wrong with it and I did not stop going after the first day. Today, I am going back and do some more volunteering and the Animal Emergency and referral Center. The atmosphere is so welcoming and clean; the people are nice and welcoming as well. The woman who is training me is very nice and helpful, although she explains quickly its easy to catch on to, for me at least. I will be working there  Tuesdays thru Fridays 2-6pm. From now on I will say working because I want to work hard to get a job because they really need a vet tech assistant and I thin k Im perfect for that. My motivation and dedication will make me do my job well. I will not give up on this great opportunity to learn about things that I have been interested in learning since age 7. It is completely different from your traditional private practice clinic, these people actually care about your educational background and want you to pursue further education in that field. It will take lots of dedication. And, I am willing to be dedicated. When I started yesterday, I mostly cleaned up the facilities because today they will get evaluated to be AAHA certified, which is wonderful. I believe 100% they will get it, because I have never in my life been to an animal hospital or clinic that is OCD spotless. The staff there are really organized which makes items really easy to find. Lots of expensive, up to date equipment. Because of my experience I will get to do more than just clean and walk animals, but I will get to take blood, do CBCs, take part in surgery, inventory, help with restraint, and lots of other medical stuff to help out the veterinarian and technicians. I think this is the best thing I have done with my time in trying to get exposure to the necessary things I need for school. I pray that I will get a job!

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