What are my Health and Beauty Resolutions?

I saw this question while reading another blogger blog and thought I would answer.


[What are your health and beauty resolutions?]


My new health resolutions are to of course eat more healthy meals and to focus more on portion control. I have had a hard time in the past with fad diets and even tried to start my own. Did not Work. Um..so I came to the conclusion that diets were not for me. I had a problem with letting go of the foods that I ate. I’m not a sweet junkie but I have a thing for powdered donuts and lately skittles. Don’t know why, I just do. I also love pastas and bread, that was a big problem in all of the diets  that I tried. So, I researched and came up with something that was easy to do and so I could still eat what I liked but ate in smaller portions. It really helped and saw quick results, so i am happy and confident about that. Also with my health I am trying to get into the habit of eating more vegetarian foods. I have no problem eliminating meat but the reason I do not eat meat is for ethical reasons. If I said it was disgusting, like I have heard from some people, I would be lying to myself and others. Cause its damn good if you cook it right. I try to take vitamin supplements too. I want a holistic health, and what i mean by that is, nothing with chemicals, which is hard to find nowadays. In terms of beauty, I don’t use much and I try to keep it to a minimum. I cant use many things on my face because I have really sensitive skin. No foundation (don’t need it anyway), no eye shadow (gets rubbed off). I use lipstick/gloss, or light eye liner (no black, makes me look dead). For the rest of  my body I try to cut out buying store lotions, instead I make my own. I mainly use unrefined shea butter mixed with my fave essential oils or I will just use a light olive oil. I also make my own perfumes with water and a fave essential oil. I have a few fragrances that I purchased as well. But, I am getting in the habit of making my own beauty products. I also use the same things for my kinky hair.

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