Alternative veterinary and human medicine

This year I have certainly been into holistic medicine from humans to animals. I recently also found out about holistic veterinary medicine which changed my mind about traditional veterinary medicine. In doing my research I like the idea that disease and other ailments should be looked deeper inside the body considering whether something minor such as anxiety could contribute to a life or death disease. The anxiety relief should be solved in order to control the disease that was caused by anxiety. If that makes sense. I also think that using natural medicines are better and more environmentally safe. It is still a ton of things about alternative veterinary medicine that I don’t know and want to learn about. If I practiced this is the near future I would also use traditional medicine as a back up plan. I have not read too much on human alternative medicine, but am willing to learn. Since I have not been treated with natural medicine, is it too late or how will my body respond to this if I start? Hmmmm…

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