Kittens Must Go

Giving away an animal that need help and you are not sure that the people or person you are giving them to will take care of them too is really heartbreaking. I have 4 kittens, about 3-4 weeks of age and I have a father who has cat allergies and I have to give them away as soon as possible. I refuse to take them to an animal shelter that euthanize, so my only option is CARA in MS. I want to give them away anyways because I do not have the funds to give them proper care and I do not want to get attached. I don’t want them to get older and put them outside and have more litters around, I cannot do it. They are adorable! This is my first time taking care of a feline. If I had my place of business or my house I would be more than happy to keep them. I do not know anyone who wants kittens and that can take care of them. A long time ago I  really wanted my pets  in the house, but that was because I was really uneducated about the parasites and diseases that animals can carry, and with more knowledge I’m like hell no. I have guinea pigs and 2 dogs in my house and I am constantly cleaning and sanitizing. I can’t have my parents house smelling like ass. The kittens have fleas and I saw them as I was bathing them. Kittens must go.

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