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Getting Rid of Fleas

It has been really hot lately and fleas are having a ball on my dogs and in my house. This has never happened before! I am disgusted! I have to get   rid of these pests now. I live in the south and lately it has been hot as I dont know what. Now I am trying to get on the natural path and kill these things without harmful chemicals on my dogs and in my house so I found an article about how to get rid of fleas useing  not so harmful ingredients.

If you’re leery of using chemical products on your dog or home, there are a number of plant-, vitamin-, and herbal-based natural flea treatments available. Adding garlicor brewer’s yeast to a dog’s food has long been thought to help keep fleas from alighting and biting. Since both are ordinary food products and not harmful to dogs, there’s really nothing to lose by giving them a try. Herbal flea collars and powders are also popular and widely available.

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Eucalyptus, fennel, rosemary, rue, wormwood, and yellow dock all seem to act as flea repellents. To make your own herbal flea powder, combine equal amounts of these herbs and mix them well. Sprinkle a small amount of the powder on your dog’s coat and massage it in thoroughly, making sure to work it all the way down to the skin. You can also use a drop or two of the essential oils of eucalyptus and rosemary on a plain canvas or fabric-covered collar.

As with any flea collar, though, watch for signs of hair loss or skin irritation around the neck, and be careful that the dog doesn’t chew on the collar. You can also buy ready-made herbal flea collars at pet supply and natural food stores

Coffee Body Scrub

I recently watched a youtube video by DuchessGabrielle and every since then I have been eager to try the coffee body scrub. I loved her video.


I found a really good article about the benefits of coffee exfoliant.

The coffee we all love so much has many uses beyond just waking us up in the morning. One of those uses is to create a coffee body scrub. It’s usually just the high prices that deter us from enjoying the benefits of exfoliating body scrubs. Since most of us have a canister of coffee grounds in the kitchen, creating this scrub will be easy, beneficial, and most of all, cheap! Not to mention that the coffee itself has added benefits for your skin and body that many body scrubs do not provide.

Once you’ve learned how to make this body scrub, you may want to try making other soaps and scrubs.  If that’s the case, then I highly recommend The Super Soap Making Book.

Before we go into any recipes, let’s discuss why a coffee body scrub is so much more beneficial than the everyday scrub. This information was provided by CancerLynx.

  1. No more cellulite. While coffee is wonderful for many reasons, it is actually the caffeine it contains that provides the added health benefits as a scrub. When coffee is applied to the surface of your skin, it helps redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of cellulite.
  2. Problems with varicose veins. Many people accept varicose veins as a necessary evil–either as a sign of getting older or a predisposition inherited from Mom or Dad. Now with a coffee body scrub skin care routine, you may be able to prevent varicose veins or even make them vanish! The caffeine in a coffee scrub acts as a vascular restrictor–shrinking blood vessels, thus helping to reduce varicose veins.


Now that we know why the homemade coffee body scrub is so useful and one of the best natural beauty products, we can move on to the homemade body scrub recipe and learn how to make a coffee body scrub. The recipe for a coffee scrub is very simple, including only three main ingredients.

  • 2 cups of coffee grounds (Brand does not matter–the cheaper the better.)
  • 1/2 cup raw sugar or sea salt
  • 2/3 tablespoon of massage oil (Any plain, cheap massage oil will do.)
  1. Mix these three items together in a bowl.
  2. If you wish to make more coffee scrub for later use, you can easily double the recipe.
  3. When it comes to making a coffee body scrub, you also have a few add-in options:
    • Brown sugar – Brown sugar adds a sweet smell, as well as a coarse texture that helps to rejuvenate your skin. Add until you reach the texture desired.
    • A dash of cinnamon – Adding cinnamon will give your scrub a stronger sharper scent.
    • Vanilla extract – Vanilla extract gives your coffee scrub a sweeter smell. It also thins the scrub out a bit, if that is the texture you are going for. It may also make the scrub more soothing to the skin.
    • Perfume oils – Perfume oils make an excellent addition to your exfoliating coffee scrub. These oils are usually pure and highly concentrated, so they have a very strong smell. Adding just a dash of perfume oil to your scrub will give it a marvelous scent. The nice thing about the oils is that the tiniest bottle will last forever, especially if you are using it only for this purpose. Also, perfume oils come in many different scents, from flowers all the way to name brand colognes and perfumes.
    • Keep these tips in mind when considering add-in options:
      • Be cautious with perfume oils. Although they smell wonderful, if you are planning to apply the scrub to your face, the perfume oil may be too strong. This is especially true for sensitive skin.
      • Try to avoid any items you may be allergic to. Many oils and scented items may seem to complement your recipe perfectly, but take caution in case you are allergic. Read all ingredients carefully before adding anything new.


    When the scrub is complete, be sure to apply it to wet or damp skin. The best time to do this exfoliating scrub is in the shower so that you can rinse it off after application. Apply the scrub directly to your skin and rub it in circular motions with your fingers, or use a washcloth or loofah. Remember the circular motion helps to distribute the caffeine to eliminate cellulite and varicose veins.

    If making something homemade, even something as simple as coffee body scrub skin treatment, is simply not your style, there are a few companies out there that sell coffee body scrubs.

    Michelle Daniel from Cozy Moments: Bath, Body, Home offered some suggestions for add-in ingredients used in their Hazelnut Coffee Sugar Scrub, a very efficient exfoliating scrub combined with skin-drenching oils.

    • Pure cane sugar – Excellent as a gentle exfoliator.
    • Sweet almond oil – Known for its ability to soften, soothe and recondition the skin, this oil is a great addition to many body care products and is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. Contains a high percentage of iron, calcium and potassium as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6 and beta-carotene.
    • Apricot kernel oil – Apricot kernel oil is easily absorbed and very good for sensitive, dry or inflamed skin.
    • Vitamin E – A fat-soluble vitamin in eight forms that is an important antioxidant. Vitamin E is often used in skin creams and lotions because it is believed to play a role in encouraging skin healing and reducing scarring after injuries such as burns. Although originally extracted from wheat germ oil, most natural vitamin E supplements are now derived from vegetable oils, usually soybean oil.


    Now that you know the benefits of the coffee body scrub, and how easy it is to make (and personalize), what are you waiting for? Get out there and start mixing! Your skin will look great in no time at all!

    Required Tools:
    • Coffee grounds
    • Sugar or sea salt
    • Massage oil
    • Avoid using too much perfume oil if applied to the face.
    • Avoid using ingredients you may be allergic to.
    Quick Tips:
    • Be sure to apply the body scrub in a circular motion


Washing Hair In Cold Water?

Fact or Fiction?                        

This is an idea that’s been around for a long time: rinsing hair with cold
water will cause it to shine more. Anecdotally, the reasoning is that rinsing
hair with cold water will make the cuticles of your hair lie flatter and reflect
more light. There is a lack of scientific evidence to support this belief.
Rinsing hair with cold water will certainly wake you up, but a scientifically
proven (and much more comfortable!) way to make the cuticle smooth is to use the
proper conditioner for your hair structure every time you shampoo.


Verdict: Unproven

My opinion: I have tried rinsing my hair with cold water but it always seemed to make ot hard and knot up. It was not a success for me. I use lukewarm water and hot water dries my hair. No shine here.

Almost There!

I am almost on my way to start my veterinary technology classes. Even though I will be starting next fall I am really excited because this has been my first time being close to really feeling like college would not be a waste of time. I cannot wait. Something is telling me that I need to study ahead of time. I know me. Procrastination is a bitch.

Essential Oils: Starting Something New

Lately I have read things where women like me are starting their natural hair journey and not wanting to use any synthetic or chemical products into their hair and I feel the same way. Whats the point in getting rid of a harsh chemical mixture and then going out buying other things that contain chemicals as well taking away from the natural. Doing this has influenced me to look at the rest of the things that I have that has bad things such as hair and beauty products, food, and things that I use that harm the environment. Learning about essential oils and what they are useful for got me wanting to make things that I love such as candles, and body sprays, making my own lotions, skin products and more. Its something new. I found some really good recipes that contain essential oils from soothing a stuffy nose to oiling my scalp.  I have always wanted to try aromatherapy.

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100% Essential Oil: Wintergreen

100% Pure Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Gaultheria Procumbens

Plant Part: Leaves

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: India

Description: Wintergreen is a small evergreen herb which grows up to 15cm (6 in) high with slender stems, leathery serrated leaves, drooping white flowers followed by fleshy scarlet berries.

Color: Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid.

Common Uses: Wintergreen Essential Oil has a history of use as a pain reliever. It is also believed to increase the speed of healing for skin disorders, and when added to lotions, acts as a natural moisturizer.

Consistency: Thin

Note: Middle

Strength of Aroma: Strong

Blends well with: Ylang-ylang, Peppermint, Marjoram, Lavender, Birch Sweet and Vanilla.

Aromatic Scent: Wintergreen Essential Oil has a strong mint candy flavor.

History: Wintergreen Essential Oil and Sweet Birch Essential Oil are both nearly identical in chemical composition and aroma; similarly, both have been used in traditional folk remedies. This tradition has led to the discovery of Methyl Salicylate, its main ingredient, as a pain reliever. Wintergreen is a traditional native North American remedy, used for aches and pains and to help breathing while hunting or carrying heavy loads.

Cautions: Avoid use if pregnant. Safety in young children, nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease is not known.

I am a real fan of essential oils  they come in handy with so many things from skin and hair to helping get rid of a common cold or stuffy sinuses. I will start making my own candles and body fragrances. Cant wait.

It Happened Again

Caring for animals is desire of mine and taking care of an animal that you have never had before is really difficult. I have not felt this way in a long time. I had to and still have to take care of 4 kittens, but have to pay more attention to the runt. I tried to make the little thing as comfortable as possible and feed him as often as I could. This brought me back to when I was 7 years old wanting to take care of a beagle pup that was really ill, he was also a runt. I couldn’t do anything with me being the age that I was. I did not know what a veterinarian was then. But what I did know was that I wanted to be the doctor that took care of animals. If humans have a doctor I was sure that there could be a doctor for animals as well. Seventeen years later this is still what I want to do. The little kitten reminded me to keep my dream so that if this situation comes up again that I will know what to do and save a life.


Natural Hair Inspiration