The Confident Woman: Setting The Record Straight

Well, I have finished the second chapter of this book. It states how God views the woman, from who came from Adam, and whats her role in life and how she should live that life. Meyer, describes that women are just as equal in rights as men. She goes back in time when women were really disrespected in many ways such as lowering their self-esteem, confidence, and questioning self-worth. Women were very limited on voting, owning land, working, etc.  I was always told that I did not have to have a man in my life and that it was ok for me to not get married. As I read Genesis, God intended for Adam to have a companion by his side (Eve). He also states that women are to be submissive to her husband and he is to be the head of everything. When I first read this I think I was just about like everyone else who read it, i thought He meant women were to have no voice or say so in anything and that our opinion was nothing. Boy was I wrong, I was told to understand that our opinion does matter and as far as being submissive, I gathered that since the husband is the lead to things that he should consult his wife’s opinion aswell. It does not mean that abuse physically, mentally, and emotionally she be put upon her. Meyer said “here’s the bottom line, men need women and women need men”.


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