The Confident Woman: Confidence

I am reading a very inspiring book for women call The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer. I had this book for a few years even a little more and I read pieces in b/w years and I am just not making it one of my priorities to read this whole book and write my review of each chapter telling how I can relate to each. And in reading the first chapter titled confidence, I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and delighted that she knew how I am. I felt like that chapter is dedicated to me. The reason i felt ashamed and embarrassed because fo the way she described un-confident people and I fit into that category. I am happy because she summed it up and told me what confidence is and how you can gain it and get rid of not being confident. She points out clear examples. I like how she states that to get confidence you have to receive it through God; have confident in God and not in yourself. It has to come from God first. A big part of it for me was when she said confident people do not concentrate on their weakness. Joyce gave a perfect example of me, it was if someone has a weakness in math and a strength in persuading people, that person should not spend most of their time trying to perfect in math to get mediocre but should spend most of their time at what they are mostly good at. That sounds a lot like me because I am horrible at math, (I can’t even figure out tips), and I want to become a veterinarian that requires college math! It got me thinking is this not what God has intended for my career? But I love animals. I am not interested in anything else, I don’t know what to do. I have not yet  found what I am good at either. I guess I am still in my little box waiting on things to happen for me. At the end she also talks about failure. Failure is a big part of lacking confidence. I have failed terribly in school because of lack of confidence and professors telling me what I can not be and I am not smart enough. She gives me confident that I can be a veterinarian. Hmm. COme to think of it since I have not tried to become a vet yet who is to say that is not what I am good at and that it’s not what God has intended me to have yet. I have not tried it yet. “If at first you don’t succeed try,try again” (?).


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