Does My Roon Inspire Me?

No! My room is cramped from my recent apartment, it has dingy white walls with makes and stuff on them, I have two windows that i like but they need repairing because I have a bed sheet on the top one above my bed and one beside my bed. I love to have my window open a little to get some fresh outside air. But I do not have a screen to keep out pesky bugs. The floor is really ugly, I need a rug, the room is tiny with little space, my closet is cramped with clothes that I don’t wear. There are lots of things I can find negative about this room. I spend most of  my time when I am home in my room, because it is a place in the house where I can get my privacy, by locking the door, and I try to find my zen. But, lately this room has been a major influence on my depression and I want it changed. So, i came across a blog that inspired me more to change my room to a place of inspiration. I have not found out how I am going to change it all I know is that I want it changed. It will be a new project for me and improvement. It will be my place of zen.

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